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Distribution support business for businesses (temporary storage, auction listing, name change, vehicle inspection and maintenance)


Sales to used car dealers

Distribution support services

We can be used as a temporary storage facility for vehicles purchased at auctions or for those who wish to sell them again on Yahoo! Auctions, Mercari, or SNS. Nationally certified mechanics are stationed at our yard to look after your vehicles.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Sales Agent

Used car dealers can use it as a sales display area.

We provide a sales location near USS Tokyo. Our staff will manage your inventory, perform pre-delivery maintenance, inspection procedures, and transfer of ownership, and also handle vehicle delivery and land transportation. If the sale is prolonged, we can also exhibit the vehicle at the USS Tokyo venue.


Distribution support for leasing companies and rental car companies

Noda Yard will accept the collection and temporary storage of vehicles purchased at auctions, or vehicles from leasing and rental car companies upon lease expiration. Depending on your request, we will estimate the repair costs until the next vehicle inspection for the collected vehicle, and you can choose to continue using the vehicle for the inspection or sell it as is. We will take care of the entire process, including selling to another company or selling at auction (pre-listing maintenance service available), preliminary vehicle inspection, name change, and subsequent land delivery.

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