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About us

Japan Carrier Co., Ltd.

TEL: 03-5875-9239

Head office address: 2389-7 Funagata, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture

Business hours: 9:00-18:00


自社整備工場 野田ヤード

We will solve your car problems!

Services for businesses

We support your business with our high-level technology and equipment.

4 minutes from USS Tokyo

Japan Carrier's maintenance workshop and storage space

Our repair workshop and storage space for 500 cars are located a four minute drive away.


We solve the following problems (examples)

✅ I want my car to be cleaned and serviced before being put up for auction

✅ I would like the car to be removed from the USS Tokyo venue.

(USS Tokyo ⇒ Noda Yard; land transportation costs from 3,000 yen)

✅ I would like to temporarily store the vehicle I won at auction and change the title.

✅ I want you to take beautiful photos of the vehicle I won.

✅ I would like the vehicle I have purchased inspected, serviced, and inspected before being cleared through customs and shipped.

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